A Multifaceted Professional in the World of Design

Dedication to Innovation, Integration, and Inspiration

Tanya Lloyd is a seasoned professional with a background spanning multimedia design, social media management, and UX/UI expertise. With a foundation rooted in IBM Design Thinking, Tanya’s journey has been defined by her dedication to innovation and her ability to seamlessly integrate diverse design systems.

Dedication to Innovation, Integration, and Inspiration

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Where Creative Expertise Meets Human-Centered Solutions

Explore Tanya's expertise in IBM Design Thinking.


A Practitioner of IBM Design Thinking

The Art of Creativity and User-Centered Harmony

Tanya’s expertise extends to IBM Design Thinking, where she honed her skills through rigorous practitioner training. Her proficiency in this methodology has enriched her approach to design, resulting in a harmonious fusion of creativity and user-centered solutions.


A Multifaceted Professional in the World of Design

Driving Social and Environmental Initiatives:

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tanya is committed to making a meaningful impact on the world. She partners with organizations to craft tailored projects for their social and environmental initiatives, aligning her passion for design with a purpose-driven ethos.

Designing with Purpose, Inspiring Positive Change

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Profoundly blessed.
Just pay it forward.

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The Altruistic Side

Empathy in Action, One Initiative at a Time

Tanya’s altruism is reflected in the non-profit initiative she founded in 2012. This self-driven endeavor involved into co-delivering food to underserved communities, working alongside key partners in Mozambique, Pretoria, and Soshanguve. Her dedication to this cause underscores her commitment to creating positive change.


A Mastering
the Art of Design Systems

Expertise in Unified Design

Tanya possesses a deep understanding of design systems, with a particular affinity for the IBM Design System. She has seamlessly incorporated elements of this system into her own unique style, resulting in a distinctive and effective approach to design.

Incorporating IBM Design System into a Unique Style

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Modern. Marketing. Machine

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Guiding Creative Vision
at MetaMuse

Creative Art Director at MetaMuse:


Tanya Lloyd takes the helm as the Creative Art Director at MetaMuse. In this role, she orchestrates a symphony of creativity, innovation, and design. MetaMuse is not just a platform; it’s a canvas where Tanya’s creative vision comes to life. As the guiding force behind MetaMuse, she infuses every project with her unique blend of skills and passion. Her role as a Creative Art Director ensures that MetaMuse continues to be a hub of inventive thinking and a catalyst for change in the world of design and innovation.


Design solutions that bridge
the present and the future.

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