A Right To Respect

PUBLISHED: 23 May 2024

A Journey of Compassion and Creativity. 

In 2013, I had the privilege of being part of the design team at Telesure Investment Group, working within the Design Team for the marketing department called Upstream Advertising. It was a time of great collaboration, creativity, and profound personal connections.

One of the more impactful projects we undertook was with Marie Claire, for First for Women. This initiative called for men and women worldwide to sign a petition advocating for women and children rights, resonating deeply with the rising momentum of the International #MeToo movement.

The project was more than just a campaign; it became a transformative experience for everyone involved. Our team grew into a family, bonded by shared stories and mutual support. Behind the scenes, there was a silent yet powerful undercurrent—personal experiences of emotional, physical, and other forms of abuse came to the surface, subtly shaping our dedication and drive. While we didn’t explicitly voice these experiences, they influenced the project’s depth and authenticity.

As part of the campaign, women who had experienced abuse courageously wrote their personal statements. We captured their powerful words through photography, using these images to demonstrate the strength found in unity. Each photograph was a testament to resilience, subtly conveying the emotional and physical battles faced by many.

The First for Women movement was more than an insurance campaign. It was a beacon of hope and solidarity, amplifying voices and stories that needed to be heard. It underscored the importance of standing together, advocating for change, and creating a safer world for everyone. Through this project, we learned that creativity and compassion could intertwine to drive meaningful social change, and it reinforced our commitment to using our skills for the greater good.

As I reflect on the project, the people I was so privileged to meet and the stories we got to share, finding bittersweet intimate moments of connection. That is what drives us, so then this quote comes to mind:

Grief is a very living thing, It visits us at random, you can’t schedule it…I tried to work it away, I tried to drink it away, I tried to smoke it away and all it did was wait for me to finish. So when it shows up, LET IT, whenever it shows up… However it shows up, LET IT!”

We have two choices: Fear or Faith.

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